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Racing points championship racing from 1996-current
at Galletta's Greenhouse's Go-Kart Speedway
Sundays from June-August & Saturdays from September-October, and formerly summer Fridays/Thursdays at Oswego Speedway.
We race exclusively with limited-modified 5hp Briggs and Stratton flat-head motors all with affordable 100% stock parts at Galletta's, & 5-8hp motors at Oswego.

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Gary Miller wins!
Gary Miller Sr. (Galletta's/Gary Miller #24) won the first of two 30-lappers on 6/14/2009.

Gary Miller Sr.

6/3/2007 Winner Gary Miller (with Son Colin)Gary Miller Sr. wins the 11-kart 45-lap season opener at Galletta's Backyard Karting Speedway - the longest-running, largest and most experienced dirt karting class in Oswego, NYCLICK TO ENLARGE Gary Miller w/Galletta's/Miller #24
Gary Miller Sr. (posing with his #1 fan & son, Collin Miller) after winning the 45-Lap opening event of 2007 consisting of fifteen karts! Gary's new #24, his former backup frame, was rebuilt by Dick Dann, the motor was purchased off eBay by Chris Stevens and tuned-up by Matt Stevens. He did not win a feature in 2008, but he took a Twin-30 feature on 6/14/2009 and won the 2010 Season Opener, albeit around 20-30 lbs. light based on our new minimum weight requirement rules. Also, Gary raced the 15th Annual 2010 Galletta's Karting Klassic 200, and did spend a most of the 200 lapper in the top-3 (leading many laps) and looked destined for a sure-fire top-5 finish when he angrily pulled off the track in 3rd, nearly hitting spectators (including his own son), and vowed to never come back. Gary came back the next day.

Gearin' Gary, Grumpy Gary, Grouchy Gary, Quitter Gary Miller, Backstabbing Gary, Gossipin' Gary

Gary won the first of two features on 6/14/2009.

Years Racing Go-karts at Galletta's:
2005-current. Has retired and come out of retirement several times per season.

Career highlights:

  • Gary raced super stocks at Oswego Speedway before taking up kart racing.

  • One of the highest point-scoring visiting drivers in Galletta's Karting Club All-Time Point Standings History in addition to also being one of the All-Time winningest drivers on our track. If Gary applied himself and raced for full seasons, it wouldn't even be close, he'd have a large lead on the next closest visiting driver. But the guy gives up too much, often times getting annoyed and angry over perceived problems that only he ever seems to talk about (and everyone else gets mad at him about).

  • Won 1 regular feature race in each 2005, 2006, 2007, none in 2008 - barely losing a few here and there - then won again in 2009 and 2010.

  • Won the first non-winners race ever in 2005, although several competitors in the race complained that he did not go to the rear after tapping a spun-out driver.

  • Won the Highest Visitor Points-Per-Race Points Standings in 2005, although several competitors noted that at least one visiting driver had a higher point total and thought the points-per-race wasn't a good way to give the title, so they shared it.

  • Although Gary raced several times there, he was never able to pick up a feature win at Oswego Speedway's small pay dirt kart track, and was the very 1st Galletta's Karting Club member to try the track out when it was just a rut in the ground -- problem was he tried a gas stock 1-WD flathead kart going the wrong way (against stagger) vs. 2-WD Racing-prepped methanol karts (properly staggered). Now, although he never won there, he did come close a few times and did rack up some decent points as seen in the Oswego Speedway Dirt Kartway All-Time Gas Stocker 1-WD/Racing Yard Kart/Gas Mixed-Motor Points Standings. However, the biggest reason why he did not win was because Gary alternated quitting it and getting barred from it. Gary quit it a handful of times because of his noted disdain of the track management arguing, "they don't care about you, they just want your money and shuffle you out of the track as fast as they can" (something that we agree with after the way they treated us for most of the three solid years we raced there and booted us after doing nothing wrong), the track operator banning him once and re-instating him (over allegedly having alcohol in/near the pits during a practice), quitting because the entrance fees, and finally coming back and re-quitting because he claimed his karts didn't handle well. Since then, the class was booted by the operator, so in the end, who cares?
  • One of the better drivers on track when he keeps his head. But...

Team Miller Brewery Old #24 & New #24. Often repaired/race-prepped by Matt Stevens for nothing, so we call it Galletta's/Miller #24. Occasionally drives a Galletta's rental, and seems to drive the Galletta's #0 better than his own karts.

The Gary Miller #24a at the '06 Klassic 150
Gary in one of his two #24 karts at the Galletta's Kart Klassic on 2006/09/23 - Photo by Gene Galletta, Remastered by Chris Stevens.

Career lowlights:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRetired almost every single race that he didn't win in each of his seasons raced -  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Only one season, 2009, did he almost keep his head, but still angrily retired and came back. He often loses his head and gets too easily frustrated, which has cost him many high-scoring positions and even a few wins here and there. In 2009 he worked on this and was much better than he used to be, but reverted back to his old self in 2010.

Did you know? :
On Galletta's track lingo, when you "Pull a Gary Miller" means that you throw an angry temper tantrum, pull out of a race and leave, though Ed has also done it several times too (of course, we love those racing both of guys and wish they wouldn't do it). The habit has even spawned a parody of Gary when he asked me to take his name off of this website, so I did as a prank. You can see the comedic prank version here. Gary is always one of the top-runners and if he finished every race, he'd be in the top 3 to 5 in points competing for the title and have a handful of wins every single year if he just kept his cool and raced.

What's new:
Gary occasionally lets his son Gary Miller Jr. race instead of him. But since Gary has 2 fast karts, and should race one and let his son race the other to form a potent 1-2-punch team. Gary moved to the Carolinas late in 2007, but returned to racing in 2008-09. He also plans to put his son Collin Miller behind the wheel of a kart that he has stored at Galletta's for over two years, but is yet to do so. Gary sold his #24 kart (which Matt repaired and stored for little to no thanks and less money) after the 2010 Klassic, and claims to be done with racing anything anywhere.


2009 Championship:
The 14th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200 (10/3/2009)
10/3/2009 Klassic 200

2009 Regular Season:
11/8/2009: Final race on 2009!

2009 Fall Bonus Race #1 on 10/11/2009

The Mysterious Dr. Speedmonkey makes a monkey out of the local karting competition. A banana is all he needs to win.

9/13/2009 Feature

9/7/2009 - THE undisputed Dirt Karting Champions of Oswego, NY for 15+ years - Matt and Chris Stevens

13-karts - 8/31/2009 - TWIN 35s!

8/23/2009 - ALL-GALLETTA 30 + Veteran 40!

8/16/2009 Heat 3

Matt Stevens, Russ Hockey, and Ken Lindsley tie for 3rd!


7/27/2009 Race!


7/12/2009 Race!

7/5/2009 Twin 30s!

Oswego Dirt Karting 2009 Vol. 3

Oswego Pro 1WD Flathead Gas Kart Races from 6/14/2009!

6/7/2009 race

2008 Championships:
The start of the 13th Annual Galletta's Klassic - this year 200 laps!
9/21/2008 Galletta's Klassic 200

2008 Regular Season:
11/2/2008 4-way battle for the lead at Galletta's Kartway!
11/2/2008 Galletta's

Close karting action in the 2nd Feature!
10/24/2008 Galletta's

Melissa Gabel & Dick Dann win on 10/19/2008
10/19/2008 Galletta's

Start of the 10/12/2008 events!
10/12/2008 Galletta's

Race on this DVD
9/7/2008 Galletta's

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 DVD Volume #14
8/17/2008 Galletta's

Oswego SWD Gas Stocker Karting 2008 DVD Volume #11
8/3/2008 Galletta's

Galletta's 7/18/2008 & Oswego 7/10/2008 (Camera B) DVD
7/18/2008 Galletta's

Galletta's Kartway of Oswego, NY 7/6/2008 start
7/6/2008 Galletta's

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 Volume 6 DVD - 6/22/2008
6/22/2008 Galletta's

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 Volume 5 DVD - 6/15/2008
6/15/2008 Galletta's

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 Volume 4 DVD - 6/8/2008
6/8/2008 Galletta's

Galletta's Carting Classic History!

ALL-TIME Oswego Kartway
Gas Stocker/Yard Kart Points

2008 Championships:
2008 Oswego Kartway Classic DVD set!
9/4/2008 Oswego Classic 50

2008 Regular Season:
Dick Dann wins the Time Trials to the '08 Gas Flathead Classic at Oswego Speedway's Dirt Kartway
8/28/2008 Oswego

Galletta's Karting Club Heat at Oswego Kartway on August 21st, 2008. You can rent one at CLASSIC!!
8/21/2008 Oswego

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 DVD Volume #13
8/14/2008 Oswego

Oswego SWD Gas Stocker Karting 2008 DVD Volume #12 & SMACKDOWN AT THE OSWEGO KARTWAY!!!!!
8/7/2008 Oswego

8/1/2008 Oswego

2008/07/10 Heat start
7/10/2008 Oswego

7/4/2008 Oswego Kartway DVD
7/4/2008 Oswego

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 Volume 6 DVD - 6/19/2008
6/19/2008 Oswego

Oswego Dirt Karting 2008 Volume 5 DVD - 6/5/2008
6/5-12/2008 Oswego

Oswego Kartway 2008 Volume 2 DVD - 5/15/2008
5/30/2008 Oswego

Oswego Kartway 2008 Volume 2 DVD - 5/15/2008
5/15/2008 Oswego

Oswego Kartway Opener DVD - 5/8/2008
5/08/2008 Oswego

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Galletta's - 6/3/2007

2007 Championships:The 2007 Season DVD store!
9/23/2007 Galletta's Klassic 200

Oswego Speedway Classic - 8/30/2007
8/30/2007 Oswego Classic 50

2007 Regular Season:
2007 Season Recap

Galletta's Fall Challenge - 10/6/2007-to-end
2007 Fall Races

Galletta's - 9/10/2007

Galletta's - 9/3/2007


Galletta's - 8/19/2007 & Oswego - 8/15/2007
Oswego & Galletta's

Galletta's - 8/12/2007 & Oswego - 8/9/2007
Oswego & Galletta's

Galletta's - 8/5/2007 & Oswego - 8/2/2007
Oswego & Galletta's

Galletta's - 7/29/2007 & Oswego - 7/26/2007
Oswego & Galletta's 7/26-29/2007

Galletta's - 7/22/2007

Galletta's - 7/15/2007 & Oswego - 7/13/2007
Oswego & Galletta's

Galletta's - 7/8/2007 & Oswego - 7/5/2007
Oswego & Galletta's 7/05-08/2007

Galletta's - 7/1/2007 & Oswego - 6/28/2007
Galletta's & Oswego 6/28-7/01/2007

Galletta's - 6/24/2007 & Oswego - 6/21/2007
Galletta's & Oswego 6/21-24/2007

Galletta's - 6/17/2007 & Oswego - 7/15/2007
Galletta's & Oswego 6/15-17/2007

Galletta's - 6/10/2007
2006 Championships:
11th Annual Galletta's Klassic 150 - 9/23/2006
'06 #16: Galletta's Klassic 150

NO DVD: Wesley Ogre Stevens wins the 1st unofficial Classic at Oswego Speedway's Kartway! (2006/8/18)
Oswego Klassic 40 on 8/18/2006

2006 Regular Season:

2006 #17-23

2006 #14-15

2006 #13

2006 #12

2006 #11

2006 #10

2006 #9

2006 #8

2006 #7

2006 #6

2006 #5

2006 #4

2006 #3



Ed Maynes and Amanda Hall starts off the 2005 Klassic 125 Race Start!
'05 #18: Klassic 135

2005 Regular Season:
10th Annual Galletta's Klassic 130 - 9/24/2005
2005 Final
2005 #21
2005 #20
2005 #19

Gary Miller leads a group of karts in the 1st non-winner's race
2005 #17

2005 #16

Miller & Woodward
2005 #15

Hard-charging mixed-motor race in 2005
2005 #14

2005 #13
2005 #12
2005 #11
2005 #10
2005 #9
2005 #8
2005 #7
2005 #6
2005 #5
2005 #4
2005 #3
2005 #2
2005 #1

'96-'04 Seasons:
2004 Galletta's Kart Klassic
2004 Season Recap
2004 Klassic
2004 Final

The 1st of 100-laps for the 8th annual 2003 Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic!
2003 Season Recap

2002 Galletta's Klassic!
2002 Season Recap

Snapshot from the 2001 Galletta's Box Stock Karting Season!
2001 Season Recap

2000 Galletta's Klassic (Look at how narrow the track was back then!)
2000 Season Recap

Matt dominating a 1990s Klassic with an ear to ear grin.
1996-99 Season Recaps

2006 #2
2006 #1

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