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Galletta's Greenhouse
60 County Route 20
Oswego, New York
13126-6512, USA
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The Adventures of Towner & Friends
at Galletta's Greenhouses of Oswego, NY!
~ Written by Mary Stevens and illustrated by Christopher Stevens ~

Galletta - Founder of Galletta's Greenhouse
Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY

Galletta's Greenhouse cartoons sold hereHave you enjoyed our Galletta's Greenhouse ads in the Palladium Times Newspaper, including Mary Stevens' Memorial Day articles about her father and grandfather? They are all reprinted in "The Adventures of Towner & Friends - The Complete Collection 1997-2009" Full-Color Book. 70 pages, over 130 cartoons - including every single Galletta's Greenhouse Mother's Day and Memorial Day newspaper spot - by Mary's son and Galletta's Webmaster, Christopher Stevens. --->

 2007 Towner Ad - John Galletta Memoriam
Please also visit Chris's cartoon website, Towner to see hundreds of comic strips, including all of the Galletta's Greenhouse ads that get published in local newspapers like the Palladium Times, and buy a book of Towner comics today! Come back soon for updated pictures! See you there!

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Chris' kid-friendly/family-friendly comic strip named Towner (with over 10 years of comics & Galletta's ads):
Towner comic strip by Chris

Also at Galletta's: We believe in doing things exceptionally for the lowest price possible. That's why we also host and sponsor  Galletta's Go-Karts - Gas Stocker Karting Club ~  An economical, non-profit/free, Backyard Speedway in Oswego, NY; founded by multi-time championship karting drivers and Galletta's Greenhouse family - Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens and inspired by an idea by Galletta's Greenhouse founder, the late John J. Galletta. Watch or race every Sunday all Summer and in through Fall weekends with us - there's no charge to watch, and the karts are extremely affordable and paid for via donations. No need to spend $2,000-$5,000 to race a kart anymore - feel free to come on out and enjoy the show:

Galletta's Go-Karts: The hobby of Galletta's own Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens

A small sample of our flowers sold at Galletta's Greenhouses of Oswego:

Mother's Day Specials


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Chris Galletta's co-created children's book, Tee and Wee, is ON SALE NOW:

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