Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY

Galletta's Greenhouse
60 County Route 20
Oswego, New York
13126-6512, USA
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Welcome to Galletta's Greenhouses of Oswego, NY!
Selling flowers and plants for well over fifty years!



Galletta's creates some of the finest and most creative gift baskets and pots. Outstanding gift idea for Mother's Day and Memorial Day, or to decorate the home on those special occasional all Spring and Summer - the containers are always cute and creative and the plants are always alive, exotic, and fresh. Truly great items to get a gift certificate for!

These are Mary's one-of-a-kind items and there are always new baskets and window gardens all of the time  - completely unique to Galletta's - every single year. New specialty items are created daily. Owner Mary Stevens believes in the highest quality possible for the lowest prices in all of the local area, and her homemade specialty planters are one of the most unique features at Galletta's that keep customers coming back every year. If you doubt us, come on out!

Since we're a family-owned and operated small business, we have done this all our lives and are all specialists in what we do. So, we take the time to create personalized, hand-crafted gifts for our customers that maybe the bigger and more expensive greenhouses or florists don't always do. Putting our hearts into our work! Let your mom have something heartfelt and original over something standard and bland. Come see that we grow our plants for you - not for us.

Open every day with an annual opening on May 1st through all Summer long (until September.

Located in the Town of Oswego, New York, USA - just off West 5th Street near Minetto, and between Fulton and a hop-skip from the City of Oswego, NY. Directions.

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No need to be taught in a class like you are a helpless child, Galletta's makes professional specialty items fresh for you daily at cost and can help you plant your own for free.

Also at Galletta's: We believe in doing things right for the lowest price possible. That's why we also sponsor and host Galletta's Go-Karts Karting Club ~  An economical, non-profit/free, backyard Go-Karting/Super-Yard Kart Racing Club in Oswego, NY; founded by multi-time championship karting drivers and Galletta's Greenhouse family - Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens. Race every Sunday all Summer through Fall with us - there's no charge and the karts are extremely affordable:
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