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Head grower Matthew Stevens takes great pride in his Zonal Geraniums, which are simply amazing to behold. His grandfather, Galletta's founder John J. Galletta, is surely smiling down at him from heaven at the time he spends on them and the results he achieves. See what our customers already know: Nobody can beat our price and quality. These attractive flowers will grow in any soil as long as it is not waterlogged, so they are popular plants for any flowerbed, combination planter or pot.

We stock the highest-quality brand-name seeds, seedlings, and/or plugs in our nurseries and Matt, the master-grower takes it from there. With the quality plants and Matt's expertise, the results are staggering! White, Red, Purple, Pink Landscape and assorted color Ivy Geraniums.

Geraniums do not require much care, which makes them very popular. They prefer full sun and soil that should be kept well-drained, slightly acidic, and moderately rich. They can handle partial shade, but all too often are prone to mildew if kept in dark, cool and damp conditions. With occasional cleaning of dead leaves and spent blooms, the plant often comes back strong. Blooms are strongest during the early-to-mid summer.

Maestro Bright Red, Bright Sunrise Trailing Red, Bright Violet, Patriot Bright Red, Maestro Salmon, Bright Lilac Improved, Maestro Lavender Parfait, Dark Red Landscape Geraniums.

Salmon, Salmon Rose, Purple, Shocking Violet, Pink, Lilac C., Peppermint Twist, Light Pink Landscape Geraniums, Pink Punch, Ruby Red, Snowfire Trailing Geraniums. All geraniums are relatively drought tolerant.

Galletta's - Gorgeous Red, and Hot Coral Landscape Geraniums. Beautiful Red Bonfire Trailing Geraniums.
Gorgeous Red Imp., Patriot Salmon, and Hot Coral Landscape Geraniums. Beautiful Red Bonfire, and Pink Punch Trailing Geraniums. Most geraniums will need occasional grooming of dead and dying (yellowing) leaves and spent blooms. Pull dead leaves and stalks down at the base. This will encourage re-blooming, and prevent mold, especially when allowed to sun out and stay dry.


Galletta's Oswego NY Multiple Greenhouses filled to the brim with magnificent Landscape Geraniums of every color!
Multiple Greenhouses filled to the brim with magnificent Landscape Geraniums of every color! Although geraniums are very hardy and grow well in moderately moist to even dry soil, they will require more watering in exceedingly hot and sunny locations. We often feel as if they are the pride of our stock every year.

Stepping foot into our greenhouses will sometimes leave your head spinning. Seeing such a wave of such striking colors can be dizzying! Everybody's house should be embellished with a dazzling array of Galletta's Geraniums! They can often be great attractants of welcome insects such as butterflies, which are often found flying around them in our greenhouses. Amazingly, geraniums are deer-resistant, so maybe a few in your garden couldn't hurt.

Our assortment covers all of the popular colors, in addition to some of those had-to-find specialty breeds that other greenhouse don't stock. Though we are usually well stocked all Summer, be sure to make it out in May and June to get the top selections.

Open every day with an annual opening on May 1st through all Summer long (until September). Comments are welcome:


Also at Galletta's: We believe in doing things right for the lowest price possible. That's why we also sponsor and host Galletta's Go-Karts Karting Club ~  An economical, non-profit/free, backyard Go-Karting/Super-Yard Kart Racing Club in Oswego, NY; founded by multi-time championship karting drivers and Galletta's Greenhouse family - Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens. Race every Sunday all Summer through Fall with us - there's no charge and the karts are extremely affordable:

Galletta's Go-Karts: The hobby of Galletta's own Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens



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