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Impatiens are a shade-loving flower with a spectacular array of colors and are a welcome addition to any landscape or combination pot. One of the few plants that actually have their scientific genus name popularized, they are also known as "Busy Lizzy", "Touch-Me-Not's" and "Snapweed".

Impatiens plants grow well in partial to full shade. They prefer rich, moist soil that is watered regularly and drains well. But be mindful to not over-water. Galletta's grows only the highest quality plants, and our impatiens are no exception to this rule. They are usually one of our best-stocked plants, and many colors can be found at our nurseries. Check out some pictures from our selections.

Impatiens can grow anywhere between the 1-foot range to 18". They can be trimmed if they grow too lanky, which often happens via mid-to-late summer. However, the popular 'Super Elfin' series is much shorter. Impatiens flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, white, pink, violet, purple, coral, and occasionally even yellow. Come to Galletta's for our large assortment of vibrant colors, as can be seen in the pictures. We do not use stock photographs, on this website. All plants seen are all plants grown and sold in our multiple Greenhouses.


Impatiens are susceptible to being attacked by aphids and mites, but can be taken care of via insecticidal soaps or repellents. They can also be afflicted by a disease that effects the leaves creating brown spots, which can be treated with fungicide.

Impatiens are best kept in reasonable shade and trimmed if they grow too lanky. As the plant is native to tropical Africa, they are easily damaged by frost. First frosts can damage and often kill them off, but they can be brought indoors.


Coming in a wide variety of spectacular bright colors with long-lasting blooms, and having a high tolerance for shade is why they're one of the most popular bedding plants in North America. Popular, but never boring, they are always a welcome addition to any flower bed or combination pot that resides in partial shade. Here are additional brands sold at Galletta's of Oswego.

Double Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens



Galletta's is open every day with an annual opening on May 1st through all Summer long. Located in the Town of Oswego, New York, USA - between Johnson Road and West 5th Street near Minetto, and between Fulton and the City of Oswego, NY. Directions.

Stop by Galletta's for the finest selection and highest quality impatiens around!


Also at Galletta's: We believe in doing things right for the lowest price possible. That's why we also sponsor and host Galletta's Go-Karts Karting Club ~  An economical, non-profit/free, backyard Go-Karting/Super-Yard Kart Racing Club in Oswego, NY; founded by multi-time championship karting drivers and Galletta's Greenhouse family - Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens. You can race real, semi-professional karts with a professional scoring system and not have to blow thousands of hard-earned dollars to do so. Race every Sunday all Summer through Fall with us:
Galletta's Go-Karts: The hobby of Galletta's own Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens



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