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Galletta's grows only the highest quality begonias.

Begonias thrive in a range of sunlight from full sun to shade. It is not advised to place them out too early, as they are annuals that do not like frost in the spring or fall. Only set them out in containers, hanging baskets, or your flowerbed after all risk of frost has past. Also, they are very fragile to even the lightest frost, so bring them in or cover if there is a chance.

Begonias are always a consistent hit at Galletta's, especially in hanging baskets as seen above.

They like rich, loose and fertile soil which drains well. This means water thoroughly, but do take care to allow the soil to dry before the next watering, or the plants will suffer. Add fertilizer once a month. For houseplants and container plants, it is advised to give them a dose of liquid fertilizer once a month instead dry fertilizer.

Begonias do best with a lot TLC. Remove dead leaves, flowers, and stems. In order to keep it's compact shape, trim off longer stems. A little care will pay you back with lush foliage and more blooms.  Perhaps one of the best things about them is that they have few problems with insects and disease.


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Galletta's Go-Karts: The hobby of Galletta's own Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens




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