6/23/2006 - Galletta's Karting Club begins attending and supporting the fledgling Oswego Speedway Dirt Track in 2006  July 2nd, 2006 - Galletta's Karting Club is the largest class at the fledgling Oswego Speedway Dirt Track in 2006  7/7/2006: Galletta's members wrecked and attacked and track operator Jim Losurdo says, "Fightin' is a part of racin'", wishes Galletta's Club members get "the piss pounded out of" them and says, "I never forgave you," for splitting the motor classes on our own track! 7/14/2006: Many Galletta's members took the week off after being wrecked and attacked the week before, but a couple members still ventured forth to race. 8/4/2006 - We agreed to return to Oswego and give the track another chance. Chris Stevens passes Mark Miller and Matt Stevens for the win. 8/11/2006 - Matt Stevens wins an exciting mixed-motor exhibition race at Oswego Speedway's Dirt Track. 2006/8/18 - Wesley Ogre Stevens wins the 1st unofficial "bumpy track" Classic at Oswego Speedway's Kartway! 8/27/2006 - Retcon points for 2006. Plus, Track operators again upset several members of Galletta's by allowing wrecks, "Open" methanol motors, starting races before drivers get to the track, and unprofessionalism in final race of 2006.|6/15/2007: Galletta's invited back as a support class to Oswego Speedway Racing Yard Kart class starting lineup. 6/21/2007: Gas Stock Mixed-Motor Yard Karts at Oswego Speedway's dirt track 7/1/2007: Galletta's Karting Club at Oswego Speedway7/5/2007: 4 Galletta's Drivers get taken out @ Oswego Speedway's Clay Kartway 7/13/2007: Kyle Reuter and Wes Stevens wreck in the lead setting up Matt Stevens and Eric Raponi's battle for the win!7/26/2007: Galletta's & Outlaws @ Oswego Kartway 8/2/2007: Matt Stevens nips Eric Raponi at the line in the 1-WD Mixed Motor Gas Stock race at Oswego Speedway's Dirt oval.8/9/2007: Gallettas @ Oswego Speedway's Kartway 8/16/2007: Ah, that wacky Jim Losurdo. Making the "Super Yard Karts" dry his over-watered track. *sigh*8/30/2007: Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend - 1st Dirt Track Classic!|Oswego Kartway 2008/05/08 Gas Stocker Heat 12008/05/15 Oswego Gas Stocker Karts - HeatGalletta's @ Oswego Kartway on 5/30/2008Clockwise Gas Stocker Karts on 6/5-12/2008 at Oswego Kartway6/19/2008: After this week's race proving that the Outlaws have souped up their motors beyond gas stock rules agreed to in the 2008 offseason meeting, the 6.5hp OHV Outlaw motors banned from Galletta's flathead 5hp class rules7/4/2008: Galletta's FINALLY allowed to run their own class! Start of the 5hp gas stocker heat race won by Chris Stevens.2008/07/10 Galletta's race at Oswego Kartway!8/1/2008: Matt races a 5hp flathead in both the Galletta's Flatheads and Outlaw OHV classes! And wins both!!! Why that lil' %^&$8/7/2008: 6.5hp/5hp Gas Stocker 2-races-in-1 Dual-Heat at Oswego KartwayGalletta's at Oswego Kartway (8/14/2008)Galletta's Karting Club Heat at Oswego Kartway on August 21st, 2008. You can rent one at CLASSIC!!2008 Classic Weekend Time Trials!9/4/2008: 2nd Annual Oswego Kartway Classic & DVD set! (the final race of the Galletta's Karting Club runs at Oswego Kartway... see one reason why!)