Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY

Galletta's Greenhouse
60 County Route 20
Oswego, NY, USA
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Welcome to the history of Galletta's Greenhouses!

John J. Galletta of Oswego, NY

The founder of Galletta's Greenhouse was the late John J. Galletta (1918-1996) of the Galletta's Brothers, the father of current owner Mary (Galletta) Stevens and grandfather of head grower Matt Stevens. Here is John overseeing his gardens in his original greenhouse on West 7th Street in Oswego, NY many years ago. John learned from his father before him. John was an Oswego policeman in addition to his greenhousing and gardening hobby.

John & Mary Galletta

Here is John with his daughter Mary and her dolls. Don't be shy Mary!

Wes & Mary Stevens w/ John Galletta

That's better! Here is John a few months before he passed away in 1996 with his daughter Mary and her husband, Wesley Stevens (also known as Lil' Ogre).

 The Wedding of John & Josephine Galletta

Galletta's Greenhouse is dedicated to the memory of its founder John, and his wife Josephine (Morgia); Mary Stevens' mother and father. John was also father to five sons Gerald Galletta, Ronald Galletta, Gene Galletta, Johnny Galletta, Paul Galletta; and another daughter, Tammy (Collins) Dishaw.

Josephine GallettaRonnie Galletta

(Left) Mary Stevens's late mother Josephine (Right) and late brother Ronnie on the original Galletta's Greenhouse Garden on West 7th St. in Oswego.

But as we see here, the greenhouse was moved to 60 County Route 20 (formerly known as RD #7 Box 314, Maple Ave.) when John bought some farm land and transformed the retired horse barn into the core of the Greenhouse. Over the years, several greenhouses have been built around the original barn.

Chris Wes

(Left) John holding his grandson Chris - the webmaster of - - in 1976. (Right) Son-in-law Wesley Stevens with Chris and Matt in front of the old Galletta's driveway sign in the late '70s.

Chris Stevens posing next to his Combination Pots (2003)Matt Stevens watering his lovely flowers (2004)
Chris and Matt have lived their whole lives on the property, and learned from the master, especially Matt (right photo), who has been the head grower since 1996!

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John Galletta and Minetto Elementary Students (late 1980s/early 1990s)

John Galletta and Minetto Elementary Students (late 1980s/early 1990s)
The late John Galletta teaching young Elementary school students the way of the Geranium.

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