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Welcome to ChrusherComix Art Studios.

ChrusherComix Studios is the flagship banner for the sequential artwork, writing and websites of Christopher Galletta Stevens. Chris has produced award-winning comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, children's books and graphic art for over twenty years in addition to web banners, logos, DVDs, YouTube videos, and websites for over five years. In addition to his websites, he is publishing two comic books, a comic strip anthology, and has published a children's book - all seen below.

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ChrusherComix | A Graphic Novel & Comic Book Archive

ChrusherComix: A Graphic Novel & Comic Book series - Created, written, illustrated & colored by Christopher Galletta Stevens. New pages to the newest graphic novel -- a thriller -- are produced and updated often as often as possible. The site also contains a rather varied 1,000+ page archive that contains everything between humor, action, adventure, martial arts, vigilantism, and much more - mostly available for free previewing. In addition, now all of the issues are also being printed and are available at IndyPlanet.

The Adventures of Towner & Friends - A comic strip series. Created, written, illustrated and colored by Christopher Galletta Stevens. Most of the strips are available to preview for free on the webcomic site, and a printed volume of the complete collection is available at IndyPlanet. Children's books are up next for Towner, but you can own the trade paperback of all of his strips today!

Please help support Christopher Galletta Stevens by reading his websites, voting on the vote buttons, and - most importantly - buying published volumes of his works.

Towner | A Comic Strip & Children's Book


Galletta's Greenhouse - The Finest Plants & Flowers or the Best Prices in Oswego County, NY

Every May is BUSY SEASON at Galletta's Greenhouse in Oswego, NY! Chris and wife Rungnapha usually update the website every Spring & Summer with brand new pictures. Open May-through-Summer.

The Galletta's Karting Club is the national headquarters of the 1-Wheel-Drive Gas Flathead Karting Association. Founded in the 1990s as a fun and affordable league of backyard karting - complete with weekly and all-time point standings, DVD videos, YouTube video highlight reels, and online reports of every race - the club races weekly at Galletta's Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway every Sunday starting in June, and runs every weekend through October. No longer does it cost thousands of dollars to enter a competitive organized racing league. There is no charge to watch or enter a race, and you can build your own for a few hundred dollars. Potent Galletta's Team Karts are also available to be raced weekly for a nominal gas-&-parts donation. Chris is the co-founder, webmaster, statistician, video producer, and weekly racer in the club. See you there!

Galletta's Karting Club | Professional Caliber Karting at a Yard Kart Budget

COMIC BOOKS, COMIC STRIPS, GRAPHIC NOVELS, AND CHILDREN'S BOOKS: ChrusherComix Studios Publications on IndyPlanet's Online Store!

The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback)Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated R edition)Classic ChrusherComix #1ChrusherComix Classics - issue #2Tee & Wee - A Children's Book on Health & Nutrition's Limited Edition 1st Printing: SOLD OUT

ChrusherComix Studios now has two ongoing comic books and a comic strip collection up for sale on! They are: Chrusher: The End Cycle Graphic Novel - Part 1 (PG-13 Edition), Chrusher: The End Cycle Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated-R Edition), The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback), and the Classic ChrusherComix #1Both Chrusher titles are ongoing series, and Towner is a trade paperback containing the complete collection of Towner strips between 1997-2009. Don't forget that on both and, the children's book - illustrated by Chris and written by Robert Buchanan - Tee and Wee: Health & Nutrition for Young Earthlings was on sale for a limited time, but the first printing is sold out. Second printings are on hiatus, but when it is made available, it will be posted here. New books are being produced from late Summer through Spring annually, with both new and old material, while new webpages and videos are also posted regularly during the summer, and will be posted here.

Please 'Like' my work on Facebook today, and check out the most recent projects and updates here:


ChrusherComix Studios is the sole designer and webmaster for the following websites and producer of all photos, videos, and artwork therein (unless noted): Chrusher - Comic Books & Graphic Novels, The Adventures of Towner & Friends - Comic Strip and Book, and Galletta's Greenhouse and Galletta's Go-Kart Racing Club websites. If you need a quick and affordable banner or logo for your website, or just a quick and descriptive website itself, one can be done for an affordable price, sometimes for absolutely free. Pricing for similar work? Go here.

ChrusherComix - Comic Books & Graphic Novels (est. 1988) The Adventures of Towner & Friends - Comic Strip (est. 1997) Galletta's Gas Stocker Karting Club & Backyard Speedway (est. 1995) Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY (est. 1945)

Come back soon for updates, new details, and further information.
TM and copyright 2005-2011 - Christopher Galletta Stevens.
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