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Welcome to ChrusherComix Art Studios.

If you need quick graphic art, banners, logos, or websites for an affordable price, you've come to the right place. ChrusherComix has also produced comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, and children's books for over twenty years.

ChrusherComix website design specializes in highly affordable HTML website design with either standard or newly-designed graphics. You may sample some of my websites below to see the kind of site that I can do for you. As always, if the complexity per page, amount of pages, and time frame you need will determine the price.

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Price in US$
Web design prices
Static site Creating an original design for a web-page (html-based, such as this site) and using it as a template for each page of your site.
From $100 and up
Dynamic site Creating a site using complex programming.
Page generating Creating pages according to the template with simply different text and pictures.
$10-30 per page
Page generating Creating pages that are each completely new and different from the original tenplate.
From $100 and up
Static Banner creation Creating static banners of any size using jpg, Flash, 3D, or gif technologies and original art or your own photos.
Animated Banner creation Creating animated, dynamic banners of any size using Flash, 3D, gif technologies.
Website Maintenance
Total Website maintenance ChrusherComix can help you buy, setup, and maintain your entire website for you if you really have no clue whatsoever how to do so.
Simple Text editing When you need new text added or edited within a webpage, including including new text information or slight changes.
$5-10 per page.
Graphic elements refresh When you need new or edited graphics (photos, banners, artwork, logos added to your website). Complexity is an issue with price.
$10-100 per graphic.
Graphics & Design Prices
Creating a logo Creating an original logo that you may use for your website and/or print materials.
Creating a presentation Creating a presentation or banner of any difficulty, using Flash animations.
From $100-and-up
Comic Book, Graphic Novel, Cartoon, and Children's Book Artwork
Penciled pages A page or illustration penciled, but not inked.
$5-50 per graphic or page.
Inked pages A page or illustration inked from your own pencils.
$5-50 per graphic or page.
Penciled & Inked Pages A page or illustration penciled and inked.
$10-75 per graphic or page.
Colored Illustrations A page or illustration colored (digitally painted) from your own finalized and inked designs.
$10-50 per graphic or page.
Complete illustrations or pages. A page or illustration penciled, inked and colored (digitally painted) completely.
$30-100 per graphic or page.

I can be reached via email.


The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback)Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (PG-13 edition)Classic ChrusherComix #1Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated R edition)Tee & Wee - A Children's Book on Health & Nutrition

I am excited to announce that ChrusherComix Studios now has three brand new comic books up for sale on! They are: Chrusher: The End Cycle Graphic Novel - Part 1 (PG-13 Edition), Chrusher: The End Cycle Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated-R Edition), The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback), and the Classic ChrusherComix #1! Don't forget that on, the children's book Tee and Wee: Health & Nutrition for Young Earthlings is also on sale!

To sample, please check out the following websites and artwork therein: Galletta's Greenhouse and Galletta's Go-Kart Racing Club websites,, Chrusher - Comic Books & Graphic Novels, and The Adventures of Towner & Friends - Comic Strip. See below:

Websites designed and operated by ChrusherComix Studios:
Galletta's Greenhouse - The highest quality flowers and plants for the lowest prices!
Galletta's Go-Kart Club & Backyard Speedway in Oswego, NY
Towner comic strip by ChrusherComix Studios
Chrusher: Thriller Graphic Novel & Classic Comedic Comic Books by ChrusherComix

Creative Commons License
ChrusherComix by Christopher Galletta Stevens is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
All material on this website - including artwork, pictures, and text - is copyright Christopher Galletta Stevens unless otherwise noted, and cannot be used without permission.

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