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At 36 weeks, it was decided to perform a cesarean section due to abnormal fetal presentation and oligamnios, resulting in the birth of a healthy boy weighing 2165g, with an Apgar score of 7/10.
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it - there is new research saying its true) and it started after a severe fever and illness as a child
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showdown scenes paid homage to those films, and Reiner shot these sequences as one would a war movie
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Stuff's going to happen, you're going to feel different and in the midst of that, if you're not keeping an eye on your sobriety, you're going to return to old bad habits
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With the lobbying work finally concluded, the real test of achieving access to affordable medicines begins with the law’s implementation
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“You have to recognize your baby is going to have bad days
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the literature in English on marijuanaand hallucinogens and has compiled a directory of drug-information