Galletta's Go-Karts, Oswego, NY, USA

Racing points championship racing from 1996-current
at Galletta's Greenhouse's "Racing Yard Kart"/Go-Kart Speedway
Every weekend from June-October at Galletta's, and formerly weekly all summer at Oswego Speedway's Dirt Kartway until we became expendable.

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7/19/2009,Larry Phillips,Winner,Galletta'sOswego Dirt Karting,Oswego Dirt Karting
The 53-year-old Leapin' Liquid Lumberjack Larry Phillips led all 45-laps in a 9-veteran-karter "Revenge of the Elders" feature to take the win at Galletta's on July 19th, 2009 - his 1st career win in his 2nd season racing.

Larry Phillips in the #04 1WD Gas Stocker on 10/12/2008.
Larry with his #04 kart after the 10/12/2008 Fall Challenge Twin-30 races at Galletta's.

Name: Larry Phillips
Kart: The Phillips/L&K Small Engine #04
Engine: Larry Phillips & Matt Stevens
Sponsor: L&K Small Engine
Year Started racing at Galletta's:
Fun Facts: Larry is always cracking jokes and having a good time. Winner of the Funniest Karter Award in '08, toppling Nick Dann off his 2-year mantle (Nick was disqualified for using the "That's what she said" punch line a million times and touching fellow driver's arms too much).
Secrets: Personally fueled by Duncan Donuts coffee.

"My Kart is like an old prom date; don't look like much but sure puts out. "
(After leading 18 laps in a feature on 10/19/2008.)
Larry Phillips followed by Dick Dann & a group of racers - 1WD racing action

"Winning isn't everything. Pass me another donut."

"I thought sex was exciting, but then I raced go-karts!"


The Galletta's Go-Karting Club was founded by brothers Matt and Chris Stevens in the early 1990s when they modified yard karts for racing purposes. Contrary to the believe of one slow old guy on a message board somewhere who believes that they invented dirt karting, they didn't  - they are the inventors however of "clockwise 5hp flathead gas stocker kart" racing, and have a 13-kart race team that includes several backup karts available to be rented and raced at both Galletta's and Oswego Speedway all summer. Invented with specifically "gas stock 5hp motor" rules so that a person doesn't have to spend thousands of dollars (most of our karts can cost $150-$600 TOTAL - motor, frame, and wheels, and all else) to race in extremely competitive racing events, the class grows in talent and competition every single year. Don't believe us? Try it and you'll see. Or, don't try us, buy $1,000-6,000 karts and lose, and then think you're the she-ot just because you spent that money to get stomped by someone with more. Please. Join us by building your own kart for a few hundred dollars, or rent one of our team karts on Summer Thursdays or Summer Sundays in Oswego, NY!

John J. Galletta Memorial Kartway Oswego Speedway's Kartway
The Oswego Gas Stocker Kart Club races at Galletta's Greenhouse Kartway & Oswego Speedway Kartway
(well, if they let us have our class, that is).

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(315) 343-0879 or (315) 343-4281

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