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This is our 2004-2006 archival edition of the website. Click here for the 2007-up new version.
This is our 2004-2006 archival edition of the website. Click here for the 2007-up new version.

The beginnings of the modern-day Galletta's Go-Kart track - The mid-1990s:
The beginnings of the modern-day Galletta's Go-Kart track - The mid-1990s:
Oh how the years went by. Matt got his #3 Go-Kart in 1990 (a used kart of a friend which they rebuilt several times), followed by Chris getting his original #1 in 1992 (a tank of a Thunder Island Kart which was too heavy to compete with the smaller #3, so they stripped it and used the parts to build the #2; something some visiting drivers should also do). This then resumed the racing rivalry, and young Chris and Matt further honed their racing prowess in their furious battles. The track was formed around the old "Chrusher Coliseum Football Field" and the Fort Crusher treehouse, (which later became the race tower in 2005). The track was later slightly shortened to stop in front of the tower house, and slowly, but surely, a track was born through hundreds of races and years of Matt's hard work. Then, after just a few years of Matt and Chris battling 1-on-1 (occasionally with Jesse "The Liar" Jesse Vivlemore driving one) we got a third kart, the #4 - a brand new Manco out of the box - and dragged Ogre into our early conflicts, schooling him in the ways of the racing arts as well.

Meanwhile, countless locals discovered the track and felt that they learned enough alleged skillz drinking beer and watching NASCAR "press gas peddle and turn left - *BURP*!" in drunken stupors to challenge the boys! So, we threw them into our battles in addition to our friends and relatives just long enough to properly school them. We now resume our picture gallery after we further dragged friends, relatives, and acquaintances into our epic battles that raged on in the mid-1990s but took no pics until '98.

1998 Klassic (Spelled with a "K" because we race Karts, dummies!) :

Left: Chris Chrusher (#2), Matt (#3) and Wes (#4) prepare the karts for the 1998 80-lap Klassic. Back when we only had 3 karts! Right: Before the race, Chrusher, in the Deuce, lets everyone know that he is #1 (though he placed 2nd).

Ogre, in the #4, smiled for the camera before RaYzor Castaldo delivers a brutal WWE-style kick to the back of the skull! This pic was even talked about on Ray's obnoxious internet radio talk show,

Chris is dejected after a grueling 80 laps, after another futile attempt to defeat his little brother Matt for the 3rd straight Klassic and Points Championships in a row. Matt is getting revenge for all of those childhood beatings that Chris delivered upon him!

Matt wins! (What else is new... other than his long hair! Haha!) Also, RaYzor looks on, looking rather womanly.

1999 Klassic:

Back when we only had 4 karts! Chris finally beat Matt's streak and won the Klassic and Points Titles this year, in the #2.

According to some, here are "The Galletta's Boys!" Matt & Chris. (Even though that's only our mother's maiden name.)

Left: Wesley James TrOgre Stevens... looking as mean as ever! Well, at least his kart was clean back then!
Right: One of Chris' best buddies, a hair-bag named RaYzor, poses next to the then-brand-new #1. (Poor Ray... not even my friends are safe from the wrath of my humor, much less our go-kart buddies.)

The #1 kart when it was first built and with a fresh paint job... Before several rental drivers wrecked the thing into hell! This was the 2nd Ogre Chassis in our fine collection.

2000 Klassic:

Here, Chris was the dominant factor, winning his 2nd of 3 straight Klassics in his brand new Ogre Chassis #5 (after winning the '99 one in the #2). Matt failed in his brand new Ogre Chassis  #6. Joined here by a cousin named "Bowser" Brian Galletta and an uncle named Larry.

2001 Klassic:

In 2001, we raced with brother limited drivers Fran and Cameron Rowe, Eric Syrell, Sean Stevens, and Brian Galletta among others. Cam helped Matt create stagger on the karts, which in past seasons, we had absolutely none. This increased the speeds about one second. Cam also won a feature (becoming the 1st visitor to do so) but was plagued with a hairline fracture of the drive wheel axle all season. And Eric led a good portion of the Klassic early, but it wound up being his only appearance. Problem is, this group stopped attending just as they were getting good. Time to find more new drivers! Chris won his third of three straight Klassics and Track Chamionships that year, in his orange #5.

2002 Klassic:

Tom Culeton, DJ, Dan and Chris Lupa, Dan Allnut and friends joined us in 2002. Tommy invented a new kind of accident: the Tommy-Gun-Fast-Flip, where he violently and quickly flipped several times that year. They raced great all year, and thus created our greatest season to that date, but mysteriously stopped the next year, again leaving the trio to groom new competition. This season is the one where we dramatically decreased our kart breakdowns, simply by using large drivewheel tires and thicker gauged drivewheel chain. Matt snapped Chris' 3-year Klassic and Track Championship winning streak here.

The 2003 Klassic:

Our cousin, Brian Galletta, invaded our 2003 Klassic with his friends. Yes, he is flipping you the bird!

Opening lap saw Brian Galletta set a fast pace over time-trail-winner Chris, Matt, and Ogre. Matt continued his Klassic and Points Standings Championship winning streak, but only after a fierce battle between himself, Chris and Ogre late. Again, this group was starting to get pretty good, one of them even scoring one regular-season win, but then all of the sudden, stopped coming.

Assorted captures from the 2003 Classic:

1. #3 Matt Stevens (Classic winner & track champion)
2. #4 Ogre Stevens
3. #5. Chris Stevens
4. The other guys

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